Over the weekend, three expatriates in Bahrain died after suffering from a heart attack. The increase in the rise of deaths reported due to cardiac problems is quite alarming. Over the years this phenomenon has been widely affecting the expatriate community in Bahrain, particularly, people from the southern state of Kerala. Over the past months, community organizations and health care providers have intensified their campaigns and seminars to spread awareness on healthy lifestyle, CPR sessions and what to do when in an emergency.

Indian national Sasyavathy Sreedevan, 43, a few days ago had complained of chest pain at her home and was taken to the Bahrain Defence Force (BDF) hospital. Following this, Sasyavathy had planned to travel back to her home country for further treatments. But her condition became worse and she passed away. The deceased who hailed from Kottayam was employed at the boxer makers company in Bahrain.

She is survived by her husband Sreedevan Bhaskaran who has been in Bahrain for more than 20 years and son Advaith who is currently studying in the 6th standard at the Indian School Bahrain. The mortal remains were flown to their hometown yesterday.

Expat Hamza Moideen Tayyile also passed away after suffering from a heart attack. The 50-year-old had gone to the Andalus garden in Gudaibiya in the evening for a walk. While walking, Hamza fainted and fell down. Visitors in the park on seeing this immediately called the ambulance and Hamza was rushed to the hospital but he did not survive. Friends close to the family stated that he was planning to travel to Kerala next month and had sent his family a few days earlier for their vacation.

He worked as a senior employee at the Al Sahaba Book Shop. The mortal remains was flown to their hometown yesterday.

Meanwhile, another expatriate passed away after suffering from a heart attack. Indian national Vikasan who hails from Mahe was working at the Eastern Asphalt And Mixed Concrete Company when he fainted and later it was confirmed that he died due to a heart attack.

Last week, Albilad had reported that an Indian national has passed away after suffering from a heart attack. Koshy George, 56, suffered chest pains in the morning at his residence and was immediately taken to a private hospital. When the doctor said that he suffered from a heart attack he was taken to Salmaniya Medical Complex in an ambulance but unfortunately, he did not survive.

Speaking during a former event “Main factors affecting people are the changes in their lifestyle which has a deep impact. Sleeping very late at night, not eating food at proper timings, intake of more fast food and also the mental stress that everyone goes through doing play a major role” said a physician.

Doctors in Bahrain have reportedly emphasized that the reason behind this factor is people’s lack of attention towards their health. When people suffer from physical discomfort they automatically tend to take medicine that gives a temporary relief or cure to the problem. Another factor is the increase in the number of people who instead of consulting doctors decide to diagnose their problem by themselves and take medicine.

All these factors lead to a wide range of drastic problems that often lead the patients into critical conditions, say doctors. It is advised that every individual should do checkups and be aware of their health status.