Bahrain was ranked third in the world with the lowest price of ordinary gasoline, this is according to Global Oil Prices as of July 15.

Statistics stated that Bahrain took third place with the lowest price of ordinary gasoline sold at $0.37, while it was ranked 16th in the world for the premium price as it is sold at $ 0.53 per liter.

Statistics showed that Bahrain is third in the world’s lowest gasoline prices after Kuwait, which comes first with $0.28 per liter, followed by Algeria in second place with $0.33. Iraq came 4th position with $0.38, Kazakhstan in 5th place with $0.40, while Saudi Arabia came in 6th position with $0.41. In the seventh place came Azerbaijan with $0.42, followed by Qatar (with $0.46) in the 8th position, Uzbekistan (with $0.47) in the 9th place and Egypt was ranked 10th in the ranking with $0.48.    

As for diesel, Venezuela came on top of the global ranking with the cheapest with $0.00 followed by Cuba with ($0.09), Sudan came 3rd with $0.14, Iran in 4th place with $0.29, while Kuwait came in 5th position with $0.34. Algeria was ranked 6th at $0.35, followed by Nigeria in the 7th place with $0.40. Turkmenistan took 8th place with $0.43, followed by Kazakhstan at $0.45 and Angola came in the 10th position with $0.46.

The report stated that the Kingdom is considered to be one of the cheapest in the world, despite it produces relatively small quantities. Bahrain’s oil production from “Bahrain Well” reaches around 48,000 barrels per day, while the oil production from “Abu Saafa” oil well, which is a joint production with Saudi Arabia, reaches around 150,000 barrels per day.

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