Rosalina Grandusa, a Household Service Worker in the residence of Ali Al Alawi and Noora Sheereda, was given a new lease of life when she became the beneficiary of a breakthrough medical procedure in Bahrain to remove a massive and aggressive tumour in her right cheek.

The landmark medical operation, the first of its kind in Bahrain, was done at the King Hamad University Hospital (KHUH). The KHUH is one of the few centres in the world that has the facilities to do such complicated and expensive medical procedures.

The 38-year-old underwent a resection surgery of the entire lower right side of her jaw where the large tumour was growing. The removal of the tumor also caused part of her jaw to be removed which was then replaced with a 3-D printed titanium jawbone created specifically to match Grandusa’s facial features.

The surgical team was led by Dr Ranjit Divakaran, Consultant, Maxillofacial Surgery and Dr Ashraf El Shayed, Consultant, Plastic Surgery, both of the KHUH.
Under the traditional method, bone from other parts Grandusa’s body (leg or ribs) would have to be harvested but this would result in very different and unnatural facial features. Also, the bone from the other parts of the body could lead to complications.

On the other hand, the 3-D printed jaw is a perfect replica, restoring Grandusa’s face to practically its original. Grandusa expressed her wholehearted appreciation to the medical team for their skill and to her employer and the KHUH, for footing the entire cost of the surgery. Grandusa’s generous employer was ready to cover the expenses for the treatment in the Philippines but decided to go to KHUH for the landmark surgery.

For his part, Ambassador Alfonso Ver thanked the CEO and Commander of the KHUH, Maj. General (Dr.) Salman Al Khalifa for his and the entire hospital’s benevolence. Maj. Gen. Al Khalifa told the Ambassador that he has strict orders from the highest officials of Bahrain to extend assistance to Filipinos who come to the KHUH especially for emergency and extraordinary cases.

Ambassador Ver was also given a tour of the KHUH, including its flagship Oncology Center whose facilities and expertise could rival the best hospitals in the world.