The direct economic returns of weddings and social events organized by the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority (BTEA) amounted to BD8 million (21 million dollars), revealed the advisor to the BTEA, Dr. Ali Hassan Follad.

He added that the number of events held in the Kingdom, which was supervised directly by the BTEA, during the period between April 2017 and April 2019 reached around 17. Follad stated that the total number of visitors from outside Bahrain reached 6,500, including 5050 guests on the national carrier Gulf Air.

BTEA advisor pointed out that the total number of weddings organized by the BTEA, including weddings inside and outside Bahrain, reached 320 in the first half of this year. This, he assured, represents 60% of the total number of weddings from inside and outside Bahrain in 2018 which reached 540 occasions in total. He said that BTEA attends to monitor the economic return of these events on the tourism sector this year.

We have attracted many Bahraini and non-Bahraini families through BTEA’s website for marketing and promotion. We encouraged them to celebrate weddings and social events in Bahrain rather than abroad. The BTEA receives daily inquiries about the elements and information needed by customers. They were provided with all the data they need, which encouraged them to book easily, and encouraged families to hold their events and weddings in the Kingdom because of the available facilities as attracting weddings in Bahrain is considered a main goal of the government and tourism sector

Follad explained that the weddings and social events held last year and the first half of this year were organized in about 26 tourist facilities including 20 tourist hotels and 6 special venues for concerts. These facilities included hotels, the Royal Golf Club and others which, he stated, are being promoted and through the BTEA’s official website.

Follad confirmed that the BTEA managed, within a record period, to transform the Kingdom’s promotion into a leading tourist destination and a prominent brand for weddings and social events on the regional map by targeting Gulf and international markets. This steady jump in the wedding, he continued, is part of the BTEA’s efforts to provide the necessary support to organize wedding parties in Bahrain. BTEA, he added, plays a pivotal role in the planning process which includes coordination between official and semi-official bodies to work as one integrated team in organizing logistics services, sites, and communicating with the suppliers and specialists in this area. He pointed out BTEA project “Your Joy in Bahrain” achieved a great success thanks to BTEA’s various offers that attracted families and tourists from around the world.

It is noteworthy that Bahrain has been awarded the “Best Tourist Destination for Indian Weddings” award this year 2019