There must not be any extra financial burdens on citizen or expatriates when plastic bags are banned, demanded Member of Parliament, Basem Al-Maleki.

He called on the concerned authorities to clarify the mechanisms of implementation of the decision in a clear and straight forward way to citizens and expatriates.

Al-Maleki pointed out that this decision is very important and comes in light of the need to preserve the environment and wildlife which, he said, required the provision of consumable and biodegradable plastic materials. He pointed out that everyone supports the decision but, he stressed, the mechanism of implementation must be clarified especially that there is fear among citizens and expatriates that there will be extra financial burdens if the decision is implemented.

The Ministry of Municipalities is required to clarify the mechanism of implementation of the decision regarding garbage bags and whether additional municipal fees will be imposed. The Ministry of Commerce should clarify its role and control any manipulation of the prices of new bags

Al-Maleki said that if there were not proper clarifications or control, all will be in a state of confusion and chaos. He pointed out that an opportunity should be given to local factories that manufacture plastic materials and bags to correct their situation so as not to be harmed and lose in their businesses.

It is noteworthy that the decision to ban using plastic bags was announced by the Chief Executive of the Supreme Council for Environment (SCE), HE Dr. Mohammed Mubarak Ben Daina, in accordance with the Ministerial Resolution No. 11 of 2019 promulgated the Technical Regulations for plastic products, which will enter into force from July 21. 

Upon official directives, plastic bags will not be allowed to be delivered to the local market, and plastic bags will be permanently banned for certain uses in some commercial complexes and large markets at a later stage.