A new service “Ask the Municipality” to be launched soon, announced the Northern Municipality on its official social media accounts.

The municipality added that this decision was taken after a previous service initiative “Clients’ Day” achieved great success and was much appreciated by citizens and residents in the northern governorate. The “Clients’ Day”, which was held every Wednesday, is an open day to the public to communicate to meet with the Director-General of the Municipality of the Northern Area, Eng. Lamia Al-Fadhala. Issues related to the municipality provided by the governorate, views of citizens and residents to be discussed in this day.

The municipality stated that it was preparing to launch its new service in line with the era of technological revolution called “Ask the Municipality” which, as said, is the first of its kind and will be launched to be a continuation of the “Clients’ Day”.

The circular stated that the “Ask the Municipality” program addresses the questions and inquiries of citizens and residents and the most important topics related to the municipal and environmental affairs. The service will answer all inquiries by hosting the concerned officials and municipality’s officials, specialists and those interested in the municipal and environmental affairs through a weekly program presented on the website of the Municipality.