Economist Dr. Akbar Jaffari said that the average spending of Bahrainis during Hajj season is estimated at around 2,500 dinars per individual, including the contractor fees in addition to private needs of gifts and various accessories. If the number of Bahraini pilgrims this year reached 4205 pilgrims, then the total amount spent during the season will exceed 10.5 Millions Bahraini Dinars.

The number of Bahrainis who have been to Hajj this year is 4,625 pilgrims, 4205 citizens, 420 residents and 23 administrators with an average age of 25 to 45 years. The cost of the pilgrimage ranges from 1300 dinars to 2000 dinars. The number of licensed travelling agencies this year were 60, 53 of which owned by citizens and 7 owned by residents, according to head of the Hajj mission Dr. Adnan Al-Qattan.

A study by Al-Sejini Center for Economic and Administrative Consultations showed that 40% of the pilgrims' spending is allocated to housing, followed by transport and communications, which represents 31%, then gifts, which represent about 14% of the total expenditure, followed by food by about 10%, while 5% go for different objects of expenditure.