Albilad had reported that a group of people from Pakistan had protested in Bahrain after Eid Al Adha prayers, against the Indian government's decision of revoking article 370, implementing curfew in Kashmir. Many people stood in white T-shirts that had printed texts which read ‘I’m Kashmir #Save Me in Bahrain.

“We want article 370 to be restored” stated the protesters. Last week Albilad had reported that social media was buzzing with more than 127,000 tweets and increasing by the hour on the situation in Kashmir.

Bahrain authorities announced that legal action will be taken against them.

“Legal proceedings were taken against some Asians for gathering in a way that violated the law after Eid prayer. The case referred to the Public Prosecution. It urges citizens and residents to not politically exploit religious occasions” tweeted the Ministry of Interior.

Expats in Bahrain reacted to the Kashmir bifurcation. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government had drawn the map of Jammu and Kashmir stripping the state of its status by eliminating Article 370. The government has also moved to bifurcate the state into two Union Territories - Ladakh and Jammu and Kashmir. 

“The purpose of assembling here in front of the masses is to convey to the community that we are suppressed and that our voices have been muscled for the past 77 years. We started the revolution in Kashmir and it is continuing” said a protester in a video statement released.

He further attributed Indian’s action to be affecting the people of Kashmir and restricting them from raising their voices. ‘By scrapping off A370 they are just trying to make sure that the geography of Muslim community status will reduce’ he said.

“We will put all our efforts into getting it revoked even if it means getting international attention. We are here to reject the act that the Indian Government what they have recently done. We have not accepted their occupation and we never will. Our people are in serious problem as there is a clampdown on internet, transportation, necessities like food. Today is Eid and we are not able to communicate with our families back home for the past eight days”.

Another protestor stated “We want the international community to intervene on immediate basis… and try to persuade all the superpowers and try to negotiate with India”.