Hundreds of people visited the Al Fateh Grand Mosque on the first day of the Eid Open House. For over 20 years now, the Eid Open House has been conveying and promoting the message of peace and co-existence. People from different walks of life and faith attended the open house organized by the Ahmed Al Fateh Islamic Centre.

Various informative stalls were set up for engaging visitors such as Calligraphy corner, Book corner, Haj corner, Salah corner and Quran corner. People attending the open house also received a souvenir which had their names written in Arabic Calligraphy.

Speaking to Albilad, “The main idea was first to encourage Muslims to visit the mosque. When I came in 1999 to officially work here, there were only abo​ut 2,300 visitors in a year and it was nothing. Nobody knew that this mosque was open. We had to create some event to attract people and that is how the Open House came to be. Eid is especially a good occasion where people would want to have fun and some entertainment. So, during Eid, the Open House is an event that would help visitors to interact with us, helps us to build bridges with them and open up to them. This would also help us to maintain good relations with people of other faiths in Bahrain” said Ahmed Al Fateh Islamic Centre coordinator Farahat Al Kindy.

He further highlighted that over the years, the Open House has been getting tremendous responses from the community. When this event was launched in 1999, the open house saw merely 48 people, then over the years increased from 98 to 1,000.

Last Eid Al Fitr, the open house saw close to 3000 people in attendance. Over the years due to the arge number of crowds pouring in, the open house has limited interactive stalls this year which has been streamlined for the smooth running of the event.

“Through these activities, we engage with the visitors and share the culture. One of the main attraction is the Arabic Calligraphy that attracts many as they like to have their names written in different languages. Arabic calligraphy is an art by itself so we use that art to attract people into the culture and we are very grateful that they are spending time to come and visit us. We find people from different nationalities, ethnicities and backgrounds walking in but this year we do have a good turnout despite many who have left for their vacations” said tour guide Majeed who has been part of the open house for over 10 years now.

The two-day Open House is taking place today (Monday) and tomorrow (Tuesday) from 9 AM until 4 PM. The free entry event has many attractions lined up and promises to give a better understanding of Islam to everyone.