With scores of people who had been displaced in Kerala due to the heavy rains, the Kozhikode Jilla Pravasi Forum (KPF) distributed essentials to various camps in Kerala. KPF distributed food items and clothes to the Cherandathur camp in Calicut where 150 people had been accommodated. In addition to this, KPF also helped people in two other camps with more than 126 people.

Albilad spoke to Bahrain resident and KPF member Sudheer Thirunallath who is part of the flood relief efforts in Kerala.

“We don’t want to store these essentials in the godowns as they may get spoiled. So we are meeting different people and directly giving it those who have been affected by the floods. Just after I left Wayanad, the landslides happened. Water levels rose high covering half of my jeep as I was driving” said Sudheer Thiurnallath to Albilad.

He further added that a team of over 40 people consisting of students as well cleaned several houses in the areas. Since morning onwards they have been up to this task enabling families in the camps to return to their homes which has been made ready for them.

KPF also helped a man who was set to get married on Wednesday but unfortunately, his house was covered with water.

"Another sad incident was he had lost both his sisters who had died after battling with cancer. We have extended our support for his marriage and for the food. In addition to this, we have also offered our own contributions and also paid a small amount for them. This was an immediate arrangement that was made” said Sudheer.

KPF members in Bahrain at present are lending their support. Accompanying Sudheer in the flood relief efforts was Venu Vadakkara, Sailesh, Sabinesh and another UAE expat.