A number of Hoorat Aali residents complained about training driving trainees in their residential neighborhoods.

It is a well-known fact that Hoorat Aali is very close to the driving school located in Aali.

Residents pointed out that they reach an extent that they prevent their children from going outside houses fearing they will be harmed. They added that the issue of training driving trainees in their residential neighborhoods cause huge traffic congestion in addition to, they added, the kindergartens, schools and other public facilities in the area.

Residents assured that they had submitted a number of letters and complaints to officials to stop this phenomenon, but all their efforts were in vain.

One of the residents said that the residents previously suffered from using the streets of the neighborhoods to conduct the driving test. After, he added, the objection and complaint letters, the driving tests were banned in the neighborhoods. But. He said, now residents suffer more than before because driving instructors are using the inside neighborhoods to train their trainees and the number is increasing.

This is dangerous, he confirmed. There are children, kindergartens, school students, a mosque and other facilities. Training driving trainees in inside narrow neighborhoods might cause many accidents. We, he said, prevent our children from going out, especially on Saturday, because it is the rush day for the trainees. We wait for hours to enter our houses because of this and other things like the traffic congestion caused by the large trucks that deliver goods to the shopping mall which is also in the area.

Another resident, who is an Asian, stated that it was important to put firm controls for driving instructors to prevent them from entering residential neighborhoods. It, he added, is very dangerous for pedestrians, because of the lack of experience of the trainee.

He noted that he was almost hit by a car in the area near the shopping mall. When, he explained, the driving instructor was not paying much attention to the trainee, and the car veered off the side of the road and almost ran over him.

The 37-year-old Asian resident called for the prevention of driving instructors from training in the area following an earlier decision issued by official authorities to prevent the training driving trainees in Aali residential area.

Another resident confirmed the importance of protecting Hoorat Aali residents from inexperienced driving trainees or instructors. The area, he said, is teeming with dozens of vehicles day and night, and today we live in a state of anxiety and fear for our children. We, he assured, prevent them from going outside to play in front of the house, because of the training vehicles. He concluded is it a solution to prevent our children from going out of the house?