These days Apple is really try to shake things up by selling you credit cards you can never touch and a new streaming service starring Steve Carell as Fake Matt Lauer. And all of these new initiatives are to make up for lower iPhone sales. But don’t get it twisted. They still want to sell you a lot of iPhones, too. We’ll surely learn more about the upcoming phone next month, but as usual rumors are now painting a picture of what to expect from the iPhone 11.

A new report from Bloomberg provides plenty of potential details for the hypothetical phone. There will be three models, but instead of the XS, XS Max, and XR, Apple will use the “Pro” branding to separate the premium models from the more affordable one. Physically, they won’t look that much different though.

The iPhone 11 will naturally feature improved photography and video features. A new third rear camera will capture wider angle photos and provide an additional photo option AI can look at when picking the best shot. Edit video recordings live and unlock your phone more easily with more generous Face ID recognition.

Seeing as AirPods are all the rage, the iPhone will make the wireless earbuds more convenient by wirelessly charging the case out in the wild. Meanwhile the phone’s case is more water- and shatter-resistant with better OLED screens that ditch the 3D Touch gimmick. The new A13 is apparently getting a co-processor called “AMX” or “Matrix” for heavy duty augmented reality computation. And leaked cases suggest the iPhone will support the Apple Pencil, making it even more of a little iPad.

However, don’t expect the new 5G wireless tech in any iPhone 11. That’s apparently coming in 2020 alongside a fully revamped design.