“Demands for travel dropped by more than 70% as the academic year is starting,” confirmed a number of travel and tourism agencies. They added that this is due to coinciding with the end of the summer vacation and start of the academic year for schools and universities.

They noted that the demand in the upcoming period will be for religious tourism as the new Hijri year is close as well as “Ashura” holidays. They expected that demand and booking for religious trips will rise as there will be official holidays.

One of the travel agencies owners stated that the tourist travel season was officially over as dates of return to schools was officially announced. He expected a travel demand to decrease by up to 90% during the coming period by all except for retirees.

He explained that the travel demand during the Ashura holiday will be directed to the annual religious tourism destinations. Even though, he did not predict huge demand during Ashura holidays as the two-day holidays will be in the middle of the week.