A dead whale was spotted in a marine area known as (Khor Fasht or Fasht Marwah) located in northwest of Bahrain, announced the Ministry of Interior through its official social media accounts.

A Bahraini fisherman, Hassan Salman, is apparently said to be the first to see the dead whale and post a video on his personal social media accounts.

Salman, a fisherman from the village of Jannusan, commented in his video that the whale was about 40 feet long and spotted within Bahrain’s territorial waters.

Officially, on their official social media account and website, the Coast Guard Command called on all in general and fishermen, in particular, to take precautions and avoid going close to the dead whale for their safety. They added that the dead whale was 15-meter-long whale was found dead yesterday five nautical miles northeast of Diyar Al Muharraq.

The Coast Guard Command said that it made necessary arrangement in coordination with concerned authorities to remove the dead whale. They added that the Supreme Council for Environment (SCE) had been contacted. They said that the SCE immediately responded and informed that the whale would not be removed until investigations were completed.