“Being drifted to shallow areas led to be exposed to extreme heat stress are reasons behind the death of the whale,” announced the “Bahrain Diving Team”.

The 16-meter-long whale was earlier pulled out from a marine area known as Khor Fasht or Fasht Marwah, was successfully completed by a joint team from SCE and the Coast Guard Command.

The Bahrain Diving Team in cooperation with the Supreme Council for the Environment (SCE) examined the dead whale, which was spotted in the northwest of Bahrain’s territorial waters. They assured that the death was due to drift into shallow areas which led to being exposed to vulnerable to extreme heat stress.

Accordingly, a sample of the whale was taken for analysis in cooperation with the University of Bahrain. Results showed that the whale is toothless of the “Baleen” type that feeds on drifters, crustaceans and small organisms by filtering water. The analysis showed that this type of whales is enormous, up to sixteen meters in length, weighing more than three tons and live for 40 and 60 years.

The team warned the public of the danger of approaching and tampering with the body of the dead whale. They explained that the gases accumulate in its stomach as a result of the decomposition of internal organs, especially methane gas, could lead to serious injuries in case of an explosion.