A uniquely embroidered wall hanging of Shreenathji was gifted to the 200-year-old Shreenathji (Shree Krishna) temple in Bahrain by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The temple stated that the gift was a ‘matter of pride’ and made the announcement yesterday.

“We are delighted to inform everyone that our Honorable Prime Minister, Shree Narendra Modi has sent a gift for the Shreenathji (Shree Krushna) Temple after his much-awaited and very successful visit to Bahrain and our 200-Year-old Temple” stated the temple on their official facebook page.

“The gift is a very uniquely embroidered wall painting of Shreenathji. It will be placed at a prominent place in the Temple. This is a matter of pride for all of us, and we invite all devotees to come and have a glimpse of this very special offering from Honorable Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modi and click their pictures/selfies with it for posterity” they further added.

Made using cotton fabric and cotton silk thread, this intricately embroidered wall hanging is a symbol of the Community Craft of the Folk Communities living in Southern Rajasthan and Northern Gujarat. This is a region where Shrinathji is widely worshipped and a religion known for its fine textile craft traditions.

The image depicts Shrinathji in all his ceremonial glory standing in front of an elegantly structured background of peacocks, leafy vine and a border of cows.

The colourful yet earthy tones of Shrinathji or Thakurji, as he is reverently known in Nathdwara, adorn the Ceremonial spaces of many Indian homes and symbolize the beautiful and timeless confluence of Art and Lore in India.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his historic visit to Bahrain offered prayers at the Shreenathji (Shree Krishna) temple before concluding his visit last month.

The Prime Minister also interacted with the Indian community at the temple. “Spent time at Bahrain’s Shreenathji Temple. This is among the oldest temples in the region and manifests the strong ties between India and Bahrain” he tweeted.

Also commenting was stated Ministry of External Affairs Official Spokesperson, Raveesh Kumar who stated: “The temple reflects the pluralism of Bahraini society”.

The facelift for the Shreenathji (Shree Krishna) temple will begin later this year. The $4.2 million redevelopment project will be on a piece of land measuring 16,500 square feet and the new four-floor structure covering 45,000 square feet will have an overall height of 30 meters.

The heritage and the 200-year-old legacy of the temple will be highlighted in the redevelopment and the new iconic complex will house the sanctum sanctorum and prayer halls. There are also facilities for traditional Hindu marriage ceremonies and other rituals, promoting Bahrain as a wedding destination and boosting tourism.

The temple corridors will be adorned with paintings by various Indian and Bahraini artists and people of all faiths are welcome.