Bahrain exported metal scraps worth more than BD2.2 million during last July, this is according to preliminary data from the Customs Affairs in Bahrain.

The data showed that Bahrain has exported around 11.4 thousand tons of various metal scraps of iron, aluminum, copper, tin and tungsten to 6 countries. Date stated that India came first in terms of the value of these exports by more than 47.2 thousand tons worth more than BD1.65 million.

The data explained that in the second place came Pakistan with 3.6 thousand tons worth BD372.2 thousand, followed by South Korea in the third place with 490 tons worth BD125.3 thousand, while China came fourth place with 20 thousand tons worth BD41.4 thousand.

Data stated that metal and tin scrap came on top with a total of 9.2 thousand tons valued at BD1.4 million. Data showed that 5.6 thousand tons of metal and tin scrap were exported to India with a value of BD669.1 thousand, while 3.6 thousand tons of metal and tin scrap were exported to Pakistan that worth BD372.2 thousand.

The data explained that copper scrap exports were ranked second with 401tons worth BD517.3 thousand. A total of 341thousand tons of copper scrap were exported to India with a value of BD449.6 thousand, followed by China where it received 20 thousand tons of copper scrap valued at BD41.4 thousand. Japan and South Korea followed by receiving around 20 tons apiece of copper scrap worth BD26.4.

The exports of aluminum scrap, the data revealed,  came third with about 1104 thousand tons valued at BD447.2 thousand. The data added that 1079 thousand tons of aluminum scrap worth BD431.7 thousand were exported to India and 25 tons worth BD15.5 thousand were exported to Turkey.