The Electricity and Water Authority (EWA) issued a statement in response to what some social media accounts titled "Bahrain’s electricity rates is the third most expensive in the world". The statement clarified that there are no statistics that shows the position of the Kingdom globally in terms of electricity rates, while in fact the electricity rates in the Kingdom of Bahrain come as the third cheapest country in the Gulf compared to the rates of the rest of the Gulf countries.

According to EWA, the tariff rate in the Kingdom of Bahrain is 29 fils, besides government subsidies for citizens in all consumption segments, where government subsidies for the first segment with 90% by 26 fils, and 65% subsidies in the second segment by 20 fils while the third segment get 13 fils.

The Electricity and Water Authority noted that active social media accounts should only obtain information from proper sources, as the authority stresses that all channels are open to all queries of citizens and residents in the Kingdom of Bahrain.