“23 minutes was the shortest crossing time for passengers from the Saudi side on the King Fahad Causeway towards Bahrain, revealed latest statistics by the King Fahad Causeway Authority (KFCA) in August.

KFCA stated that statistics showed improvement in passenger crossing times during peak times in the Saudi and Bahraini sides. As times varied from 29 minutes towards Saudi Arabia and 27 minutes towards Bahrain. Statistics, KFCA added, recorded a 24-minute crossing time towards Saudi Arabia and 23 minutes towards Bahrain.

KFCA said that King Fahd Causeway recorded a total of 5,740,663 million passengers crossed the causeway during July and August with an increase of 4.3% compared to the same period in 2018.

KFCA, represented by its board of directors, appreciated the efforts made by a number of government sectors in both Saudi and Bahraini sides in improving the experience of traveling through the King Fahd Causeway and reducing crossing times.