“Prices of fruits and vegetables have dropped by 40%,” assured a number of fruits and vegetables agents and traders. They added that demand increased by 30% as Back-To-School season started.

Traders and agents confirmed that drop in fruits and vegetables as, they said, the price of tomatoes was previously BD3 and today it is almost BD2. They added that the price of all leafy vegetables like lettuce dropped to BD4.500 per box when it was BD6. Potatoes, they said, fell by 500 fils as it was previously sold at BD1.700 and now it is sold at BD1.200.

It is worth mentioning that local markets witnessed an increase in the prices of onions by more than 100% during the past ten days. The price of a kilo rose from 120 fils per kilo to 250 fils, and from BD2,200 for a bag size of 20 kilos to BD4,500 for Indian and Pakistani onions. The Egyptian onions rose from BD1,600 for 20 kilos to BD3,500. Traders linked the reasons for this increase to the lack of supply and increased demand due to floods and rains in both India and Pakistan and because of the recent wave of high prices in Egypt.