“Slaughterhouse projects have been transferred to the private sector aiming for better services,” stated the Minister of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning, Eng. Esam Khalaf in response to a proposal of the Southern Municipal Council on the establishment of an official government slaughterhouse in the southern governorate.

Khalaf added that transferring slaughterhouses to be run by the private sector also aim to create investment opportunities.

In his reply, the minister said that there is no objection to establish a certified slaughterhouse in the southern governorate, which is managed by the private sector. As, he noted, in the case in Sitra and Hamala, where slaughterhouses there are managed by investors.

It is noteworthy that officials at the Southern Municipal Council unanimously recommended to the Minister of Municipalities to establish an official government slaughterhouse in the southern region, like the approved slaughterhouses.

They justified their proposal that the existence of approved slaughterhouses eliminates the random slaughterhouses that harm the health of citizens and residents. They stated that currently there is no specialized butchery or slaughterhouse in the southern governorate and all citizens and residents rely on the central market in Riffa and other markets.

Officials at the council pointed out that the government slaughterhouse will provide citizens and residents with the necessary and sufficient quantities of meat, especially on occasions such as Eid holidays and weddings at good prices.

As well as, they added, the slaughterhouse is subject to the supervision of the competent authorities, and be under the supervision of a veterinarian approved by the Ministry of Health to ensure the safety of livestock from diseases and maintain cleanliness.