“The Department of Operation received around 1.3 million emergency communications last year, stated Director of Operations Department at the Ministry of Interior, Lt. Col. Hamad Al-Khayat, in the ministry’s monthly magazine (Al-Amn).

Al-Khayat added that according to the ministry’s statistics, the number of communications (1.3 million) means that the department receives an average of 4000 communications a day and one call every 25 seconds. He assured that the number of emergency communications goes up in the summer season.

The statistics, Al-Khatat noted, showed that 65 individuals in the main operations room received 100 thousand serious reports, which is equivalent to one communication every 5 minutes.

As for the ministry’s patrols, Lieutenant Colonel added, they responded to nearly 18000 cases at the rate of one case every 30 minutes.

The Director of Operations Department assured that the patrols managed to arrest 515 wanted persons and seized 161 reported vehicles during the past year.

Al-Khayat pointed out that the summer season witnesses an increase in the reports due to the schools' summer vacation on the one hand and the increasing chances of fires caused by the electrical short circuit. This is, he said, in addition to the house theft incidents because most people spend the summer vacation outside Bahrain. He said that drowning incidents increase in the summer due to the failure to follow health and safety guidelines in the swimming pools during the summer.