Bahrain imported tobacco of various types with a total value of BD3.7 million last July, according to an official report issued by the Customs Affairs.

The report added that the imported quantities’ weight was 775.4 thousand kilograms. The report stated that the total value of cigarettes imported was BD3.5 million in July with a decrease of 17% compared to BD4.2 million last June.

The official report revealed that cigarettes were ranked 13th among the top 50 non-oil commodities imported for July 2019 and the quantities weighed to 697.6 thousand kilograms.

About classification of imports by country in terms of quantity, Turkey came first with an amount of 559.3 thousand kilograms, followed by Switzerland with 83.9 thousand kilograms. Third came Germany with 22.8 thousand kilograms, and the fourth was Poland with 15.2 thousand kilograms. In the fifth position came Ukraine with quantities of 8 thousand KG. Classification of cigarette imports by country in terms of value, Turkey came in first with BD1.9 million, followed by Switzerland with BD821.8 thousand, third was Germany with BD409.9 thousand, and fourth came Poland with BD149.3 thousand. Serbia and Montenegro ranked fifth with BD133.4 Thousand.

Statistics indicated that the Kingdom of Bahrain imported 21 thousand kilograms of unprocessed tobacco with its ribs with a total value of BD35.8 thousand from Jordan and Oman. Meanwhile, Bahrain imported 56.5 thousand kilograms of sheehah tobacco with a value of up to BD149.3 thousand from 5 countries.