The Minister of Defence of the Republic of Argentina Oscar Raúl Aguad today met in Buenos Aires with the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for International Affairs Dr. Shaikh Abdullah bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, who is currently on an official working visit to Argentina.

At the beginning of the meeting, the minister expressed delight over Dr. Shaikh Abdullah’s visit to his country, and fully appreciated the stances of the Kingdom of Bahrain as a responsible and influential country at the regional and international levels and its efforts in combating terrorism and cementing the pillars of security and stability in the region and Middle East. He hailed the joint efforts to develop cooperation between the two countries, especially in the defense and security fields.

Dr. Shaikh Abdullah bin Ahmed Al Khalifa stressed that the consolidation of cooperation with the friendly Republic of Argentina towards the growth of closer partnership occupies an advanced position in the foreign policy of the Kingdom of Bahrain. He pointed out Argentina’s importance and sound positions vis-a-vis Arab issues, adding that he is fully convinced that despite the geographical distance between the two friendly countries, they are building a new bridge of friendship and cooperation today.

The Undersecretary for International Affairs pointed out the identical visions and positions of the two countries in combating terrorism in of all forms and call for concerted international efforts to ensure the safety of maritime and energy security and deter anyone who practises terrorism against ships and civilian facilities. He reiterated the Kingdom of Bahrain’s condemnation of the terrorist attack on two Aramco facilities in Saudi Arabia, and affirmed support to the sisterly Kingdom in whatever measures it takes to protect its facilities and defend its interests.

Dr. Shaikh Abdullah touched on the decisive and effective measures taken by the Kingdom of Bahrain to combat the threat of terrorism and its role in cooperating with partners to promote regional peace and stability, praising in this context the great role played by the Bahrain Defence Force (BDF).

Highlighting the Bahrain International Defense Exhibition and Conference (BIDEC) to be hosted by the Kingdom of Bahrain, under royal patronage on 28-30 October, he welcomed Argentina participation in this unique international event.

Dr. Shaikh Abdullah bin Ahmed Al Khalifa also stressed that the Kingdom of Bahrain, thanks to the reforms of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, has achieved remarkable success in safeguarding freedoms and sustainable development while upholding noble human values.

During this visit, The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for International Affairs also met with the Secretary of Security for the Argentine Ministry of Security Eugenio Burzaco.

During the meeting, Dr. Shaikh Abdullah pointed out the importance of strengthening cooperation in the field of security between the two friendly countries, especially that the enemy is cross-border, adding that terrorism has homeland and seeks to undermine the security of all communities.

“The Kingdom of Bahrain is the voice of stability, openness and progress in a volatile region and has made have notable successes in thwarting terrorism plans,” he said.

“It is adopting a comprehensive and realistic approach to confront extremism and terrorism and is exerting great efforts to combat terrorism and its funders, based on a strategy of integrating dimensions, proactivity and effectiveness to eliminate this scourge, as there will no real development without sustainable security,” he explained.

Dr. Shaikh Abdullah added that the legal frameworks in the Kingdom of Bahrain to combat terrorism are based on many outstanding legislation and laws: commitment to international obligations, preventing the financing of terrorism and active participation in the relevant international and regional arrangements.

“Bahrain is an oasis of security and a beacon of peace that embraces everyone and is proud of its national unity and civilized coexistence,” he said, referring to the success of the Ministry of Interior in establishing a sophisticated security system, based on the efficiency of the human element, law, rights and a noticeable Community Police role.

For his part, Eugenio Burzaco appreciated the efforts of the Kingdom of Bahrain in the fight against terrorism and in reinforcing regional peace, expressing his country's aspiration to enhance security cooperation with the Kingdom for the benefit of both sides.