The Ministry of Transportation and Communications has announced the completion of the installation of solar panels in 32 new bus stops.

Ministry added that these panels are a source of renewable energy to work on lighting stations, bulletin boards in addition to operating screens to display the actual arrival time of buses in the future.

The announcement stated that 70 new bus stops were built since the start of operation in 2015 to cover the new areas according to the bus network, where the British company "True Form" was appointed to restore the mass transit stations in 2015, and has completed so far the development of more than 303 bus stations For mass transport in Bahrain.

The assistant undersecretary in the ministry confirmed that the ministry is still working on developing and establishing new bus stations and increasing the number of air-conditioned stations in the Kingdom, pointing out that 17 air-conditioned stations have been completed out of 26 planned to be established soon.

The ministry stressed on the need to continue the development of this project, noting at the same time, that the ministry is proceeding with its plan to improve mass transport services and provide supporting infrastructure for service.

It also pointed out that 29 bus stops have been established in cooperation with the General Directorate of Traffic and the Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning, with international standards, pointing out that 12 stations have already started operating, with the remaining stations to be operating soon.