Nach Baliye 9 has been an explosive season for a number of reasons. Now it seems that the show has been affecting participants even after they leave. The contestants in question are Faisal Khan and Muskaan Kataria. After being forced to leave the show due to injuries, it seems that trouble between the two has resulted in a break in their relationship as well.

The news comes across as tragic which best describes the journey of the couple. Despite being the best performers on the show, Khan and Kataria had to quit the show due to injuries. The two were known for having scored full points in six weeks out of seven weeks they performed on Nach Baliye. They were also applauded for being the youngest duo on the show. The two had been together for two years now. While the cause of their split remains unknown, Kataria had confirmed it refusing to divulge any more information.

The separation of the two seems ironical as this season of Nach Baliye's participants included ex-couples apart from couples who are still together. Speaking to Muskaan said, "The news of our breakup is true. We are no longer together."

Seems like the theme of the season has rubbed off on Khan and Kataria as well.

This was season was also called out by some of the participants who had clashes with the judges as well. Urvashi Dholakia during her return to the show through the wildcard round claimed that judges were biased against her and had even gotten into a verbal argument with judge Ahmed Khan. Fans have also pointed out that Khan and Kataria's split does not come as a surprise as couples are often known to fall apart after Nach Baliye.