“A number of sailors were immediately arrested after a collision between two boats in the Dugaileeb marine area southeast of Bahrain, announced the Coast Guard Command on its official social media accounts.

The Coast Guard Command added that all sailors, including the boat captain, were arrested for being involved in the fatal collision. Information revealed that three individuals were injured, while the one who caused the crash fled the scene.

Official details indicate that after the case was reported to the Coastal Operations Center, under the command of the Coast Guard, coast guard patrols deployed to the site. Information added that the damaged boat was pulled to the Al-Dour dock, the injured sailors, three, were provided with first aid and referred to a hospital, but one of them died of his serious injuries.

Details stated that the search and investigation led to identifying the main suspect and finding the boat which was the cause of the collision at a farm in Bilad Al Qadeem area. The owner of the boat and the crew were called and brought to the Coast Guard Command for the purpose of completing the necessary legal procedures, in preparation for referring the case to the Public Prosecution.