“The three Rotary Clubs in Bahrain provided more than BD100000 to support charity projects in 2018,” the new Governor of Rotary 2452 Shaukat Tadros exclusively told Albilad newspaper. Tadros is currently visiting Bahrain on the occasion of being appointed as the new Governor of the Rotary Club Area. Tadros is now in charge of Rotary clubs in Bahrain, UAE, Sudan, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Cyprus, Armenia, and Georgia.

He stated that global charity donations amounted to more than $84 million in 2018 for all countries of the world. This amount, he added, was reflected through the completion of 1306 projects completed around the world in 2018 only.  

Tadros statement came when he participated in the recreational day organized by Rotary Salmaniya for the differently-able children from various Bahraini associations.

He pointed out that Rotary Salmaniya only provided more than BD30000 in support of various community projects under the supervision of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. He stressed that Rotary Clubs Bahrain is working to provide more support in the next phase and for many projects that serve the community in general and the differently-able in particular.

“I am very proud that I am Rotary, very proud of the members of Rotary Clubs in Bahrain and their charitable work to serve the community,”

Tadros explained that the message of Rotary Clubs in Bahrain and around the world is to activate charity work and spread the culture of community service, through working to establish community partnerships with all joints of community work, including private and public companies and government agencies and official and private bodies to increase work and contribution.

He explained that the establishment of Rotary as a global network began in 1905 in the city of Chicago, and only four volunteer men who wanted to harness their energies to serve the local community, and then the idea of ​​the club and evolve to extend its branches to more than 34 thousand clubs in 200 countries on all continents of the world, Its membership has grown to more than 1,200 million Rotary Club members.

He added that Rotary clubs provide and support all societies with many forms of financial support or in the form of equipment or equipment, or by helping to establish schools for hospitals, especially to help people with special needs and provide their needs and the things they need.