A health awareness program as part of a one month campaign took place in Bahrain. Organised by the Indian Social Forum in association with the Bahrain Red Crescent Society, the program highlighted the message ‘ Live free from obesity, stay healthy’. The fitness awareness event took place at the Salmaniya Garden.

The event gained good responses from foreigners and well as residents of Bahrain. The fitness awareness event sought to explain the harmful effects of obesity and also demonstrated practical steps to stay healthy.

The Indian social forum stated that the service of the Red Crescent Volunteers was commendable. The Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) procedure training, health check-up program for both adult and children were both informative and engaging.  The Bahrain Specialist Hospital (BSH) medical check-up unit also participated in the event.

Dr Hassan Radhi from Red Crescent took a detailed class on obesity. The event was presided by Indian Social Forum Bahrain President Jawad Pasha.

The demonstration and presentation of fitness exercises were led by a martial arts trainer and fitness master.  More than hundreds of people attended the event as it concluded with the Red Crescent and Bahrain specialist hospital volunteers handing our green apples to the attendees.

The Indian Social Forum - Red Crescent Obesity Day event concluded with fitness awareness and question and answer session.

To mark Gandhi Jayanti, the Indian Social Forum is organizing several campaigns which were announced during the event.  Bahrain Specialist Hospital Marketing Manager Mohammed and Indian Social Forum General Secretary Yousuf Ali were also present at the event. Red Crescent and Bahrain Specialty Hospital also presented volunteers with certificates.