Shruti Haasan has made a shocking revelation recently. The actress, most popular for her work in South Indian movies, went on to accept on National television that she was once addicted to alcohol. Shruti also opened up on how she quit the habit for good eventually.

In Lakshmi Prasanna's show Feet Up With Stars, Shruti confessed she was once addicted to whiskey. She further went on to mention that being an alchoholic also affected her career graph, and it came to the extent that she had to take a break from acting.

Shruti confessed that she let go of the habit last year and has not touched alcohol again, since. The actress further went on to reveal that she fell severly ill recently and had to take treatment for it, hinting that it might be due to excessive consumption of alcohol.

Shruti Haasan often switches her work between Hindi film (Bollywood) industry and South Indian film industry. She was part of Dhanush's movie 3, and is most remembered in Bollywood for her roles in D-Day, Rocky Handsome, Ramaiya Vastavaiya, Behen Hogi Teri among others.