Bahrain is set to witness an enthralling one-hour long dance ballet this November. Over 40 plus artists will showcase a dance drama entitled ‘Bhaumi’ based on Sita Ramayan from the Indian epic tale, Ramayana. Conceptualized by Preethi Sreekumar and directed by Shyam Ramachandran, the drama will be held under the Patronage of the Royal Charity Organisation.

Audiences will be given a rare insight into the life of Sita through a variety of dance performances and dialogues interspersed in English. The drama throws light on the life of a husband and wife and highlights the role of woman in the success of a marital relationship.

Speaking during the press conference “Bhaumi is being presented after a year’s work and efforts. The concept for this dance-drama came to my mind one year ago and I discussed it with Sree Balachandran sir. The most common issue we see in our society is divorce and single parenthood. The understanding and sacrifice between a husband and wife which highlights the success of a marital relationship is what we are portraying” said Preethi Sreekumar who conceptualized the drama.

“This drama serves the purpose of spreading this message to society. The dialogues and sequences have been framed in such a manner that even a person who does not know Ramayana would be able to understand” she added.

“Bhaumi is a dance-based drama and gives a rare insight into the life of Sita. Moreover, the drama will feature over 42 plus characters including dancers. We have a blend of students and working professionals who are participating in the dance ballet which is for the first time being supported by the Royal Charity Organisation” said director Shyam Ramachandran.

The Patron of Bhaumi commended the efforts of each member working behind the dance drama. “I am proud to say that this is one of the best programs ever conducted in Bahrain which will be held on November 15th… Shyam Ramachandran is one of the best directors I have seen, the way he has been directing the program. More than 40 plus are participating in this program” said Patron of Bhaumi Jyothi Menon.

Bhaumi will be staged on November 15th, 2019 at the Bahrain Cultural Hall. The Concept & Script is by Preethi Sreekumar, Direction Shyam Ramachandran, Associate Direction Nandan Warrier, Choreography Vibin C. Krishna, Dialogues Balachandran Konnakkad, Creative Support Vipin Valsalan & Mohd Mattoo and Event Coordinator Santhosh Kadambat.