The management of stress and how to positively overcome it was discussed by Dr Majdi Obaid during Zain TALKS. During the event, Dr Majdi Obaid discussed his successful career path and what inspired him to open "Investment for Training" in 2004.

Dr Majdi Obaid is a certified management trainer and consultant for many international bodies. He is also the founder of several self-development centres in the Middle East and Africa, whose courses reached everywhere in the world.

The discussion encouraged Zain Bahrain employees to improve their self-development and leadership skills to build a strong career path as well as a strong personality. Dr Majdi discussed the pillars of self-development to get inspired every day, conquer fear and how every individual should always look forward to work hard, leaving their comfort zones behind to reach their goal. He also highlighted how successful people can manage stress and overcome them with positivity.

Zain TALKS program started last year on September 2018 through hosting inspirational and knowledgeable sessions to their employees. The monthly event at Zain Tower comes under the Zain Bahrain TALKS programs which bring and hosts local intellectuals to speak to Zain employees

The program is part of Zain's culture which promotes development, knowledge and recognition of local intellectuals through supporting and appreciating their journey.

Zain Bahrain will continue to host Zain TALKS monthly discussion events at Zain tower to inspire their employees and maintain a healthy environment that sustains happiness, wholeness, creativity and productivity at Zain Bahrain as well as connecting them to the outside world