After receiving a two-year ban from the ICC for failing to report corrupt approaches, former Bangladesh skipper Shakib al Hasan has vowed that he will come back stronger, and how the Bangladesh Cricket Board and the fans are standing firmly behind their star player.

"The way the Bangladesh Cricket board, fans, government and media got behind me is really amazing," he said. "If the fans, BCB continue to lend their support to me, I will definitely come back strongly in cricket when the ban ends.

"I am sad that I have been banned from a sport that I love the most. But, for not informing about the illegal proposal to ICC and ACSU, I am accepting the punishment. ICC and ACSU rely on the cooperation of cricketers to avoid corruption but I could not help the ICC and ACSU properly. Like any other player, I too want cricket to be free from corruption. And to keep the upcoming cricketers away from any corruption, I will work with ACSU as best as I can."

While Shakib did report of such activities way back in 2008 and 2009, he failed to do so, when he was approached by bookies during the 2018 tri-series against Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe at home, and also during last year’s IPL.

The news came as a shock to BCB president Nazmul Hasan, and the latter too expressed his disappointment.

"We are shocked. I don't think anything could be more shocking than this," he said. "I have said many times that we don't have a substitute for two players. As captain, Mashrafe, and as a player, Shakib. Even if we get a substitute for all the players, we won't have the same for Shakib. So, him not being available is my first shock. Now we are going to play a very important series without him in India.

"I am angry at the same time because he did not inform. Here we need to be very clear that BCB knew nothing... ACSU interacted with only Shakib. ACSU is a separate unit. We came to know just the results. Shakib told me first, 2-3 days back when the strike was withdrawn. We did not know how long he would be banned, Shakib informed us. Shakib is the one who informed us first.

"We all need to be with Shakib. He does not need to be sad. The declaration he gave to work with anti-corruption, he should continue that. We will stay with him. He will get all the support. I hope he will return soon and take our cricket to another level."