Cinema is a form of art that should be appreciated by a crowd, said renowned veteran actor as he addressed the crowd at an event in Bahrain. Indian Film actor, director and scriptwriter Padmashri Balachandra Menon was the chief guest at the movie preview of ‘Death of So and So’.

The veteran actor spoke extensively on the concept of cinema and present-day situations.

“Cinema is a form of art that should be appreciated by a crowd. Cinema isn’t something that we are supposed to sit and watch alone. When I say crowd, I mean a complete family where they should sit together and watch it. There is also a term known as collective viewing which is part of psychology. Its where people around us will condition us to enjoy the film the way that you like. When four people around you start clapping hands to a scene, by natural you will start doing it too” said Padmashri Balachandra Menon.

“The present-day the culture has changed where you see so many people flock to the theatre. Hypothetically, say there are only 15 people in the theatre and observe the way they watch the cinema. They look like as if they came to watch because they were punished. There are moments were people glance at their mobiles during certain parts of the cinema. So the commitment from the part of the viewer is itself in doubt. The very concept of review has also changed drastically” he further added.

The renowned actor also addressed the news of filmmaker Anil Radhakrishnan Menon allegedly refusing to share the stage with actor Bineesh Bastin which took social media by storm. He also stated that several times people blow up the issues beyond the dimensions.

Addressing aspiring filmmakers, the director responded “I have had so many experiences during my 42 years of being in the industry. If you want to come up with a cinema, there are so many hurdles in between. You need to have patience, tolerance and people may even say unwanted things about you. But if you look at the history behind 37 movies of mine, I take pride in saying that there wasn’t a moment that I was displeased or regretted”