A female driver passed away after being seriously injured in a freak traffic accident, the Ministry of Interior and the Northern Governorate Police announced it via their official social media accounts.

Details of the sorrowful accident, which occurred today (Tuesday) on Shaikh Isa bin Salman Street, near Sehla area, are still not revealed by officials. But preliminary details indicate that the main cause was a car deterioration which led to the traffic accident.

The female has apparently sustained serious injuries and was immediately transferred to the Salmaniya Medical Complex, but she died upon arrival at the complex.

Police first responded and were present at the scene to facilitate the flow of traffic until the arrival of the traffic police as two lines were closed because of the accident until the civil defense personnel removed the wreckage of the damaged cars and the oil in the street.

The Ministry of Interior in cooperation with the General Directorate of Traffic stated that they initiated an investigation into the accident.