The lowest bid to install and operate ATM at BAPCO’s Retail Company (BRC) service stations was BD574.5. This is according to the Tender Board.

This came when BAPCO opened bidding for a tender to license the installation and operation of Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) at BAPCO’s new BRC service stations. The places are Awali, Ma'ameer, Al Sayyah, and Salman City, while the existing locations are Behair, Isa Town, Al Nuzha, Hoora, Hidd, Wadi Hayyan and Al Sahla.

According to the bid description, the beneficiary shall, at his own expense, shall perform all remaining civil and electrical works (electrical and telephone connections) necessary to install ATMs. The bid also stated that the beneficiary must pay the cost of the telephone call and any other municipal or government fees (excluding electricity charges) that may be incurred due to his use of this site.

Any modifications to the electrical system, the bid stated, are subject to BRC review and approval at the expense of the beneficiary alone. The beneficiary, the bid explained, will be provided with a grace period of 60 days in accordance with the general terms and conditions of the agreement.