A female Bahraini driver escaped death as her car almost fell off a flyover after hitting the side barriers, the Ministry of Interior announced through its official social media accounts.

Preliminary information of the accident, which occurred on Bahrain Bay’s flyover that leads to Central Manama, indicates that the driver suddenly lost control of the wheels and collided with concrete side barriers. Causes of the accident are thought to be for lack of attention and noncompliance with the traffic regulations and over speeding. According to police reports, the collision resulted in minor injuries for the lady and she was treated in the spot before being transferred to the hospital.

Traffic police were present at the site and closed the road precautionary to prevent traffic jams. The situation required the presence of the Civil Defense. Both, the civil defense and Traffic police staff succeeded in adjusting the position of a vehicle that almost fell of the flyover.

The Ministry of Interior in cooperation with the General Directorate of Civil Defense and the General Directorate of Traffic stated that they initiated an investigation into the accident to figure out the circumstances of the incident.