Secretary-General of the National Institution for Human Rights (NIHR), Chancellor Yasser Ghanim Shaheen, received here today a delegation from the US Congress staff.

Shaheen said that the NIHR will celebrate its 10th anniversary on November 10 this year.

He also briefed the delegation bout the NIHR’s terms of reference, noting that it provides legal advice and opinion related to human rights to the relevant sides, receives complaints, gives legal assistance and monitors media outlets and social media on a daily basis.

He also shed light on the kingdom’s positive strides in the field of human rights consolidation and protection, adding that the NIHR’s programmes aimed at promoting the human rights cultures among society have yielded positive results.

The US Congress delegation asked many questions related to the NIHR’s work and terms of reference, and they were given the right answers by the NIHR’s secretary-general.

The delegation toured the NIHR’s building, and were informed about its call centre, the electronic system for registering and following up on complaints, the toll-free hotline, in addition to the NIHR’s training centre and library.