The Municipality of the Southern Area has equipped Khalifa Grand Park in Riffa with modern games that suit the needs of the differently-able. This comes as part of the municipality’s efforts to meet their recreational requirements in parks and public facilities as well as their fellow community members.

In a statement, the municipality assured that this initiative comes in the belief that the differently-able people are an integral part of the Bahraini society, and they have a share in the recreational aspects established by the municipality in its various public facilities.

Officials at the municipality pointed out that the municipality set up its buildings, specifically the customer's services building, to facilitate the entry of the differently-able. They added that the municipality has also allocated parking lots that are very close to these buildings for them.

The municipality, they noted, provided toilets in the gardens with slopes and means to make it easier for them to take advantage of and use them.

Officials said that the Khalifa Grand Park was chosen to launch games for the differently-able as it is one of the largest parks in the southern region, and its strategic location among most areas and residential neighborhoods.

The municipality explained that it has set up specific sites in the park to install the recreational equipment for adults, and children, in addition to a basketball court with a simple height, and recreational services consisting of ponds for agriculture, sand games, mud and paint games.