“Each governorate will have its own team during the rainy season,” affirmed Minister of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning, Eng. Esam bin Abdullah Khalaf.  

The Minister stressed the importance of continued coordination with the municipal councils to contribute to ensuring the progress of projects and services in accordance with the plans.

This came during the minister’s meeting with the members of municipalities to discuss the latest updates and plans regarding the coming rainy season. The latest preparations in the ministry’s plan for the rainy season and the formation of task forces to deal with the requirements of the rainy season were reviewed during the meeting.

The Minister assured that many rain-clustered points have been treated by the ministry and municipalities. This, the minister added, besides installing a number of special pumps in the priority points and pumps that will be installed at least two days before the rainy season,

Khalaf noted that this plan will be provided through tenders which are at the final stages.