An exhibition by a Korean artist will be the latest cultural event paying tribute to 40 years of close diplomatic relations between Kuwait and South Korea.

Lee Hyang’s special exhibition “The Beauty of Korea” will be held at Shaikh Abdullah Salem Cultural Center, Kuwait Royal Museum, on November 18-23.

It will feature more than 20 representative works by Lee Hyang.

Lee Hyang, one of the representative artists in Korea, is gaining attention with her paintings that depict Korean tradition and the Taoist traditions of the Orient. Traditional tales are displayed in a modern sense.

In addition to the existing materials such as paper and cloth, the paintings are bold in tiles, wooden boards, and iron plates, but the works are completed with special touches.

For Lee Hyang, painting is life itself and the aggregate of imagination. She has already been well received by foreign artists from Japan and Uzbekistan. But her best part is that she consistently completes the ever-changing challenges based on her creativity and solid foundation.

Her special exhibition is accompanied by the fiercely determined spirit of the Kuwaiti people based on fishing villages and seas.



“The special exhibition of Lee Hyang, commemorating 40 years of bilateral relations will greatly contribute to cultural exchange and friendship between the two countries,” Korean Ambassador Hong Young-ki said.

“I hope it will be a monumental opportunity for us. The influence of the Korean Wave has brought a lot of attention to Korea’s younger generation in Kuwait and its yearning for Korean culture. This special exhibition will create great synergy between the two countries.”

Ambassador Hong said he hoped the Korean community in Kuwait and Kuwaiti visitors who are interested in Korean culture will be able to gain greater insights into the cultures of the two countries and strengthen their relationship.

The Chairman of the Korean Society of Kuwait said he hoped the artist would be perfect in introducing the diversity of Korean culture to Kuwait.

“She is pursuing a unique world of work that incorporates Korean emotions and integrates the past and the modern.”