People of Mumbai are always in a hurry to reach their destination and among these, there are some who will not take a railway bridge but prefers to leap across the tracks.

As per the data, more than 700 people died due to trespassing in the month of June. Over the past decade, trespassing accounted for 19,781 deaths across the suburban system but has been steadily declining over the years. 

To create awareness and discipline commuters, the western railway has come up with a quirky idea. WR has called 'Yamaraj'- the god of death to raise awareness among errant commuters. 

A member of the Railway Protection Force (RPF) dressed as ‘YamRaj’ carries people who try to cross unmanned tracks and provides safety awareness information to the public. They intervene to stops people from walking on the tracks.



The initiative by western railway (WR) was started on November 6 and drive was conducted at crowded stations like Andheri & Malad. 

The 'Yamraj' guiding people about not crossing tracks grabbed eyeballs of many commuters and they appreciated the drive. 

The western railway has been launching various drives to create awareness among commuters about safety and cleanliness.