Ten people were killed in Iraq’s southern city of Basra during overnight protests where security forces used live gunfire to disperse hundreds of demonstrators who tried to force their way into the local government headquarters, medical sources told Al Arabiya on Saturday.

The sources added that about 180 people suffered injuries as protesters continue to gather around the government building.

According to Iraqi state TV, masked gunmen had attacked protesters in Basra on Thursday night, killing five people and injuring another 120.

In Baghdad, Al Arabiya sources said that clashes erupted between hundreds of demonstrators and riot police in al-Rashid Street, where security forces fired tear gas and sound bombs.

The sources added that protesters tried to reach Shuhada Bridge again, but security forces continued to block them for the third day in a row.

More than 250 people have been killed since the unrest erupted Oct. 1.

Demonstrators complain of widespread corruption, lack of job opportunities and poor basic services, including regular power cuts despite Iraq\\\'s vast oil reserves.