The simplicity of the ancient Indian language was celebrated in Bahrain largest Indian community school. The Indian School Bahrain (ISB) conducted Sanskrit Day celebration at their campus. The celebration held at the ISB Jashanmal Auditorium was inaugurated by Samskrita Bharati Bahrain coordinator Harish Sankaran by lighting the traditional lamp. 

Sanskrit, which is 4,000 years old (some say its 6,000 years of age), used to be the language of the classics in India. Until now, Sanskrit is still an official language in the Indian Peninsula despite its limited use as an everyday language. Sanskrit first appeared in 2000 BC and hailed as the gods' language

“Learning Sanskrit is very important for students as it connects to their culture and ensures better cognitive development,” said chief guest Harish Sankaran during his speech. 

Furthermore, through small stories, he explained how simple the Sanskrit language is. 

Principal V.R.Palaniswamy, Vice-Principals, Head Teachers, Head of the Department and other staff members attended the function. Class 10 student Pranav Aiyyer welcomed the gathering. Trophies and certificates were awarded to the winners during the function. Student Sneha Muralidharan delivered the vote of thanks. 

“The wholehearted participation of the students, sincere efforts of the teachers and unending support of the management made this event a grand success” stated the school

The first-of-its-kind global conference to promote the Sanskrit language was inaugurated by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) joint general secretary Suresh Soni. The three-day international conference in Delhi promotes Sanskrit language and saw thousands of students and scholars from 17 countries in attendance. It is said that in the English language there are words whose origin can be traced back to Sanskrit like bangle from bangri, sugar from sakara, cash from karsha etc