Two Filipino nationals and their infants finally returned to the Philippines with the help of the Philippines Embassy in Bahrain. According to the Philippine Embassy, both babies were born out of wedlock in Bahrain without proper documents.

One of the mothers was already out of status and had been overstaying in Bahrain for a few years. She, later on, gave birth at the home where she was staying without any assistance from an appropriate medical practitioner.

The second Filipino national was employed as a household service worker when she became pregnant. She gave birth in a hospital through the help of her employer.

The Embassy assisted in facilitating the DNA testing of the child without medical records and facilitated the registration, issuance of travel documents, and exit clearances of the ladies and their babies. The Embassy likewise assisted in providing their airfare for their repatriation to the Philippines. Both cases were also sheltered at the Embassy’s Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos Resource Center is managed by OWWA while waiting for their exit clearances.

Since 2017, the Embassy has repatriated more than 61 cases of undocumented children who were born in Bahrain and had no birth certificates, no passports or visas, and who have not been given adequate access to medical facilities because of their illegal status.

These children have also been deprived of the opportunity to get an education as only local and legal expatriates are allowed to enrol in schools operating under the Ministry of Education.

In order to assist more Filipino children under similar circumstances and in view of the rights guaranteed to a child under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, particularly the right to be registered at birth, to have a name, to leave a country to be reunited with family and to have access to quality healthcare and education, the Embassy is launching its ‘OPLAN KABATAAN’ Program to assist in the repatriation to the Philippines of these undocumented Filipino children in order to afford them access to quality education and healthcare.

For this purpose and as part of its celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, a special meeting with members of the Filipino Community will be held today at the Philippine Embassy Lobby.