Minister of Electricity and Water Wael Al-Mubarak said that the plan to replace all the traditional electro-mechanical meters with smart meters has started already. According to the plan, the project is supposed to be completed within three years from now.

The total number of electricity meters in the distribution network was approximately 424 thousand meters, and the prices of meters vary depending on its type; according to the latest tender they cost 31 up to 60 dinars, between single-phase and three-phase and meters that operate by transformers.

He explained that the total number of water meters to be replaced is 224 thousand and 288 meters, and the prices of smart meters ranged from 48 dinars to 79 dinars, stressing that no extra fee is charged to replace the meters.

He pointed out that the smart electricity meters are accurate, where the meters used in Bahrain are imported from leading international companies, stressing that these meters are used in many countries such as Britain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and others.