Attorney General Dr. Ali bin Fadhel Al Buainin issued edict 74/2019 appointing Advocate General Chancellor Amina Isa Senior Undersecretary for Judicial Inspection at the Public Prosecution, in charge of examining the work of the Public Prosecution staff, evaluating their performance and boosting their capabilities. Chancellor Amina Isa is the first woman to take up this post.

Dr. Al Buainin said the edict stems from a belief in the need to enable women to assume their role while taking into consideration the principle of equal opportunities which is adopted by the Kingdom of Bahrain to achieve equality. He lauded the qualities of Chancellor Amina Isa and her competence which necessitated appointing her to the new post.

Chancellor Amina Isa took up many posts at the public prosecution previously including overseeing the International Cooperation Office, presiding the Family and Child Prosecution, the prosecution of ministries and public institutions and the criminal execution prosecution. She had also been in charge of representing the public prosecution before the Court of Cassation until she joined the judicial inspection and, then, appointed Senior Undersecretary for Inspection.