Experts at NGN International, a Bahrain-based global IT company, have stressed the need for Bahraini industrial companies to work towards a digital transformation that is safe-guarded through information security measures.

The experts at NGN believe that companies in all fields and of all sizes must exercise caution when under-going a digital transformation by pairing those efforts to protect information systems and networks in these companies.

At a seminar organized by NGN International in cooperation with Kaspersky, a report was reviewed that confirmed that the human factor, despite automation, still endangered industrial processes. The report further reflected that employees' mistakes or unintended actions were behind 52% of incidents which affected operational technologies and industrial control systems networks during the past year.



The CEO of NGN International, Yaqoob Al Awadhi, believes that the growing interconnection of IoT peripherals and cloud services leads to a security challenge, pointing out that the progress and development of the industrial sector in Bahrain is not only related to the development of product lines and skills.

“Increased reliance on information systems, AI applications and cloud computing requires increased protection of information security, as well as the provision of financial budgets for industrial information security,” explained Mr. Al Awadhi.

Several industrial companies are keen on developing the digitization of their networks and adopt industry 4.0 standards.

“However, there remain the risks related to cybersecurity despite all the advantages brought by the related infrastructure of companies, where the security of operational technologies and industrial control systems has become a top priority," further added Ilya Leonov, Cybersecurity Consultant at NGN International.



During the seminar, it was emphasized that companies' endeavour to improve the protection of industrial networks could not be achieved unless companies deal with the risks related to the shortage of qualified personnel and staff errors, as a comprehensive, multi-level approach combining technical protection and regular training of IT security professionals and operators.

“This approach will ensure that networks remain protected from threats and staff skills are up-to-date,” said Mr. Al Awadhi.

Kaspersky's integrated solutions and services to address the challenges facing industrial companies were also reviewed during the seminar. These solutions combine the protection of endpoints and industrial networks by dealing with operator and network threats in industrial control systems environments, with advanced threat information services and incident response. Together with NGN, the company also holds specialized training and awareness programs designed for cybersecurity experts, operational technology managers and industrial control systems operators.