The International Fertilizer Association (IFA) awarded a Gold Medal to GPIC on the sidelines of the International Fertilizer Conference held in Versailles, France. GPIC has won the medal in the field of Industrial Excellence (Industry Stewardship Champion). 

The medal was received by company President Dr Abdulrahman Jawahery from IFA President Dr Mustafa Al-Turab.

The event was attended by IFA Director-General Ms Charlotte Hebebrand, the Arab Fertilizer Association (AFA) Secretary-General Engineer Mohamed Abdallah Zain along with more than 300 leaders of the fertilizer industry from around the world.

In a statement, Dr Jawahery expressed happiness at the honour, which is given to companies that have made exemplary contributions in the service and dedication of the fertilizer industry standards related to safety and environmental care as well as a commitment to sustainable management in the agricultural nutrient industry.

“GPIC is keen to ensure the safety of employees and the work environment, which is its top priority. Preliminary results indicate that the rate of recurrence of work injuries had fallen to record levels, which reflects the company's efforts to promote a safety culture” he said. 

He added, “He said high productivity depends heavily on a safe and stable workforce in its environment”. 

He spoke of the partnership between GPIC, IFA and AFA as well as with Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association as an important factor in supporting best practices. 

He said the company also pays close attention to sustainability and adherence to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in the agricultural nutrient industry.

Dr Jawahery appreciated the support of the Board of Directors in the field of sustainable development management, and the efforts exerted by the executive management and all employees to achieve the highest objectives and maintain success and excellence at all levels.