The Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning has started to apply the intermittent green flashing system to the traffic lights on Janabiya highway, in the presence of the Undersecretary of Public Works Affairs Ahmed Al-Khayat, Director of Roads Planning and Design Department, Kadhim Abdul Latif, and Chairman of the Northern Municipal Council Ahmed Al-Kooheji.

This comes within the project of applying green flashing system in the main intersections of the streets for the public interest and safety of road network users after the positive results.

The Director of Roads Planning and Design Department said that the Ministry has implemented the system earlier on 30 traffic lights on 10 major intersections on the road network in the Kingdom and in different locations, which proved effectiveness in reducing the percentage of crossing red traffic lights by 46%, and traffic accidents at intersections and thus raise the level of road safety.

Al Janabiya Highway is a major route for the movement of traffic from the areas of Saar, Budaiya, Bani Jamra and Alduraz and the Northern City towards Manama as the daily traffic volume on this highway is more than 50,000 vehicles. .